The Law Firm Dedicated to Serving Michigan Charter Schools

Schools are held to high standards, and we believe our firm should be no different. CS3 Law has specialized in education law since 1994 and is dedicated to excellence and integrity, which are reflected in our long-standing client relationships.

CS3 Law serves school boards throughout Michigan. It is our mission to provide high quality legal services, exceeding clients' expectations for accessibility, service, and expertise. We strive to understand and anticipate client needs and find creative and practical solutions to issues they face.

CS3 Law specializes in representing charter schools. With decades of experience in education law, we understand the nuances of legal issues unique to public school academies, and we have developed relationships of trust and respect with authorizers. We help school boards with charter applications and reauthorization, board policies, parent and student handbooks, employee handbooks, educational service provider contracts, leases and employment contracts. We assist with fiduciary responsibilities, renewal and revocation issues, plans of correction, performance evaluations, facility issues, and student discipline. We assist boards in the information-monitoring process, helping boards determine what information will assist them with the ABC's of governance oversight: Academics, Budgets and Climate.

The charter school movement presents both challenges and opportunities for Michigan's public education system. We are accessible, responsive, and innovative as we partner with schools to improve the future of the students they educate. Like our clients, we view our commitment to education as more than a business, and the quality of our practice on behalf of education clients reflects this high level of knowledge and dedication.

"Education is the movement from darkness to light."
Allan Bloom